Sunday, September 25, 2011

Processed, Fast Food is Not Cheaper than Real Food

Amazing article in the NYT on Sunday debunking the theory that fast food is cheaper than whole, healthy food. You call call bullshit on anyone who tries to argue with you over that again.

My tips for lowering your food costs? Shop your local ethnic markets for the best prices on dry beans, grains, spices and select produce. That photo up above? That's the "jambo" carrots from my local  Asian market. Not only will you save boatloads of money, you'll give yourself a healthy dose of laughter.

Lucky enough to have a rockin' farmers market near you? Don't be shy. Ask the sellers if they have any seconds. What's a second? It a piece of produce that doesn't look so pretty. It's ugly enough that the sellers don't want to put it out on their pretty display. You can score that produce at a fraction of the cost of the beautiful stuff. And you can ask for seconds at your favorite grocery store too.

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