Thursday, December 29, 2011

And the Winner of Everyday Happy Herbivore is . . .

Comment #14

Congratulations Quiltspinner!

"My four kids and spouses have mostly decided to eat plant based. It is very exciting. They all contribute plant strong dishes. When traveling we try to eat Asian, or Mexican because we can always get a meatless meal. The fat content can be high but I think flexibility not rigidity is the key to all things in life. We eat very well at home, and if while traveling, we have to eat white flour, rice, or a little extra fat a meal, oh well. Over all our diet is excellent and can take handle a diversion once in a while. When I have allowed myself a chocolate treat or piece of pie for my birthday or Thanksgiving I do not feel well. So there is no likelihood that I will revert to old ways."

Quiltspinner, please contact me at to claim your prize!

And everyone, please check back here tomorrow for the posting that I have been slaving over for a week:

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