Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3in6 Length Retention Challenges are Back!

Originally posted on September 18.  

If you are familiar with my previous 3in6 challenges, then you already know what it's about.  For 2013, I will also add motivational or informational articles in our monthly checkin to keep us all ... well motivated and focused.

If you are NEW to 3in6, I encourage you to click the "3in6 Challenge" label below to get a feel for it.  

Here is the plan.  In January 2013, I will run two 3in6 Challenges.  But wait?  It's not 2013 yet.  Well, guess what?  I will run a 1in3 Challenge from October through December to get you ready for 2013!  This short version of 3in6 is ideal for those who are hesitant about protective styling or challenges, in general, BUT would love to get their feet wet and give it a try.  Or maybe you are just looking to gain that one extra inch to push you to your goal length.  

So, are you in?  If so, mark your spot in the comment section.

Purpose of this challenge: To retain 1-1.5 inches of growth in 3 months.  (This is based on a growth rate of 1/3 to 1/2 of an inch per month.)

Challenge period: October 1 - January 1 2013

1. Eat (non-canned) vegetables or fruits with each meal.
2. Take a daily multivitamin.
3. Drink sufficient water.
(Amt of water in oz. = Your weight in lbs * 0.5)
4. Wear twists or braids 2-4 weeks at a time.
5. No direct heat.
6. Absolutely no trimming.  (Start with a fresh cut now if need be.)
7. Optional for this go around: Workout 2-3 days a week; at least 20 minutes per workout.

*Keep in mind that some of your water intake can come from the food in your meals.

Each challenger is allowed two 1-week periods of styling her hair as she pleases (e.g., puff, rollerset, etc.).

Tips on wearing twists/braids long term:
- Do not twist/braid too tightly
- Redo the perimeter weekly or biweekly.
- Deep condition & detangle thoroughly prior to twisting or braiding.
- For more tips, check out posts in the twist series

If you do not have a hair care regimen and would like one, check out:
Basic regimen for NATURAL hair
Basic regimen for RELAXED hair

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