Thursday, June 27, 2013


After waking up so early yesterday I took a Nytol last night - then woke up just as early but groggy with it :-( I really envy people who sleep well! All I wanted to do was hook myself up to a coffee iv and sit on the sofa till it was time for work, but given my desire to cut back I had just the one cup and then walked into town - a smidgen under 2 miles in total. It did wake me enough not to be an active danger driving to work, but I felt a little pressured to get ready and out in time. Not that I needed to worry as I sat in my car outside the office for 10 minutes before anyone arrived to let me in...
At lunchtime I had the pleasure of another visit to the post office and as usual it took far too long. Walking down there my toe was quite sore - I seem to have bruised it somehow and my walking boot was putting some pressure in just the wrong place, so I went back to the office rather than walking further. I also didn't train after work due to back ache - I'm falling apart again!!!
I felt quite revoltingly sorry for myself this afternoon - the back thing mostly - and I have to admit I got as far as taking some cash out to go to the vending machine... I put the money away, but I really felt like comforting myself with some chocolate (a Snickers bar to be precise) and it was a close thing. Obviously although I can ignore fudgy chocolate cakes when I'm doing ok all round, my emotional attachment to the sweet stuff is nowhere near a thing of the past (sob). Anyway, I didn�t go for the chocolate, but settled for a couple of strawberries and some Greek yoghurt when I got home.

Food today:
Breakfast: I couldn't face eggs for breakfast so instead I had some Greek yoghurt with strawberries, ground flaxseeds, and Brazil nuts
Lunch: small chicken breast marinated in Nando's hot hot peri peri marinade with salad including a hard boiled egg
Dinner: Omelette primavera (broccoli, asparagus, green bean and leek) with salad
Snacks: beef jerky

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