Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This morning I woke up at 4:20 again having tried taking a night off from the Nytol. I forced myself to stay in bed till 5, and that 40 minutes went by even slower than the average 40 minutes in work... Hard to believe as I've always felt the work day passes by in a black hole where time is infinitely stretched... Once I was refreshed by my shower I decided to take a little walk instead of just sitting around till it was time to go out to work, it was literally just a mile round trip into town but the cool temperature was invigorating (though only while I was out in it) and it was good to get my blood moving a little. Especially as I'm still cutting back on coffee - only one full caffeine cup today before switching to herbal tea, water and decaf.

At lunchtime I walked another 2 miles - with a heavy rucksack on the way back as I did some shopping. I'm visiting my parents this weekend and won't have time for my normal weekly shop but if the weather permits I should be able to keep up with it on foot before work & at lunchtime, at least everything but the frozen stuff I generally get. I then yawned my head off all afternoon even though I was marginally less bored than I often am at work. I got confirmation today of my extension at work, not sure why it took so long but anyway� I�ll be staying till the end of October now. I can�t believe that I originally went there for just 6 weeks � and if I leave after this extension I�ll have been there just over 13 months!

After work I did another 40 minutes on the climber, so I�ve had quite an active day! Tomorrow I�ll probably turn into a sloth and spend the whole time on my ass ;-0

Food today
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs
Lunch: Chicken leek soup and Fage Greek yoghurt
Dinner grilled liver, red onion & mushrooms
Snacks: Cashew nut snack pack

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