Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bank holidays are bad

Because they show us how good life could be....
Without work.
I had a lovely Saturday and Sunday visiting my parents at their various homes, chatting nonstop for hours, getting little exercise - just the odd very short walk - and not going anywhere. I accepted a couple of tiny sins in food while visiting to make things easier for them (they are both afraid I'll starve to death without bread and potatoes, and paranoid about giving me boring food) - a sauce thickened with a tiny bit of corn flour at Dad's, and beef warmed in gravy (then removed from the gravy and shaken a little) at Mum's; no noticeable ill effects and no bingeing as a consequence. Then I got home Sunday evening and that was lovely too. But then I woke up yesterday with upper back pain that stopped me doing pretty much everything and had me lying in bed by 6:30pm watching Miss Marple and wishing I'd bought new batteries for my little portable TENS machine :-(. And eating cashews & pork crackling at 9pm because I was uncomfortable and miserable. But although that was undoubtedly comfort eating / excessive eating it still didn't degenerate further into desperate, guilty, sweaty bingeing. I count that as a (small) victory!
Then I woke up 27,909 times last night because I hadn't taken any Nytol (I took 12yr old scotch instead, turns out that's not as good for treating insomnia as Nytol, nor as good for treating pain as ibuprofen) so I felt like sh*t this morning, and that really never changed all day. Plus the main reason I came into the office instead of working from home was the hope that a new laptop I ordered last week might arrive (my old one died horribly at its own hand, possibly so I couldn't use it to inflict any more posts on the world) but according to the online tracker its in China or somewhere. Not here anyway.
At lunchtime I managed a 2 mile walk in the sun. I had to go to the post office so I took an early break to avoid the queues then went for my walk. If I hadn't had to go to the post office I might not have gone out at all, but the sun did improve my mood quite a bit so I guess it was just as well. And now I have batteries for my tens machine thankfully, its been shrugging my shoulders for me all evening!

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs micro-scrambled with bacon, gf chipolata, broccoli & mushroom
Lunch: gammon with salad
Dinner: slow roast chicken leg (cooked with a ton of garlic) with sweetheart cabbage & leek saut�ed with a little cr�me fraiche
Snack: pork rinds, cashews

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