Monday, August 19, 2013

Busy busy busy

Well, the weekend was busy enough to ensure that I did no training, long walk, or National Trust visit. I did do a few short walks with a heavy rucksack despite some back pain leftover from dragging my laptop around during my epically horrible journey home on Friday, but that was as energetic as I got. On Saturday we went to the housing development where we hope to buy a house to look at a million plans and architectural drawings and sign stuff. Because we were doing that all morning I didn't snack and was starving by the time we left, as was M, so we went out for a Mexican lunch where I ate well but drank two small beers. As I get drunk as soon as I sniff a second beer these days that was enough to guarantee a sedentary afternoon. Because I'd eaten two courses for lunch (no dessert) I wasn't hungry again that day but ate some cashews at around 7pm just to ensure I wouldn't wake up starving for a midnight binge - which I didn't.
On Sunday M's father visited us - he's recently bought a motorbike and wanted to show it off and try a longer journey. He arrived with a sore bum and phoned us when he got back home saying his 'ass was in pieces' (snigger.) While he was with us we took him over to the housing development to show him around (my idea, in a desperate and thankfully successful attempt to distract him & M from the subject of motorbikes for an hour or so). While there we took a nice walk (more of an amble) through a really attractive and very local park that I think I might actually jog in once we've moved - how cool is that?
After he left I did some cooking and a little shopping, re-awoke the back pain, and then used it as an excuse to watch a movie instead of training or doing housework. The movie was rubbish - a horror effort called Don't be Afraid of the Dark. Normally we would have switched it off after about 20 minutes but as I was also playing candy crush and M was browsing the Ducati website we just let it play through and then agreed it was silly and crap (silly of course can be good - but not this time) and wondered why we'd stuck with it. Food on Sunday was fine, nothing unhealthy or over the top, I snacked on nuts and berries (I sound like a squirrel!) and didn't have any booze, so a good day diet-wise.
This morning I brought my breakfast to work as an experiment in eating breakfast later (7am instead of 5:30) and it felt fine - I wasn't particularly hungry while still at home and was ready for it but not starving when I got there. My morning snack was eaten but later and at a more leisurely pace than usual. I think I'll eat breakfast at home if I'm particularly hungry or want something that needs cooking on the hob, but otherwise eat in the office.

At lunchtime I walked 2.5 miles - along the canal and then off down a kind of beaten track. I didn't need to shop so I treated it as a walk for pleasure rather than an errand, and fitted in a little bit of blackberrying along the way (they weren't growing at the side of the road like a lot do, so I wasn't worrying about petrol / diesel fumes and they were very tasty!)
I didn't have time to train after work; our house buyer's survey is being done tomorrow so I got in and started on the housework I should have done yesterday but didn't. That might qualify as a bit of a work out since I was up and down stairs, bending down, stretching and scrubbing ;-)

Food today:

Breakfast: almond parmesan pancake and eggs micro-scrambled with mushrooms & leek

Lunch: grilled Halloumi & vegetables with salad

Dinner: left over pork osso bucco with cauliflower rice

Snacks: pork rinds, portion of cheddar

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