Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chugging along

I breakfasted at work again today. My choice of breakfast didn't have the same level of sticking power, and I was thinking of having my morning snack at around 9:55., when my manager came over and asked me to attend a 10am meeting. It was due to last 30 minutes so I figured the snack could wait till afterwards... 1 hour 15 minutes later when the meeting finished I was absolutely starving, and practically inhaled the snack, far too quickly to feel satisfied by it. So I had a late snack followed by an early lunch, which is hardly ideal but at least I staved off any kind of binge!
I walked 2.5 miles again, this time taking a slightly longer break so I could fit in a little grocery shopping as well since I'd eaten lunch while working. It was a fairly pleasant 20-21 degrees, not hot enough to feel sticky, with intermittent sunshine - very nice!
Finally I made it back onto the climber today after work. Such a good feeling to do something more sweaty and more structured after my recent apathy (and pain, to be slightly more fair to myself). I had a good workout, and felt really happy afterwards!

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs micro-scrambled with leftover grilled Halloumi, asparagus, aubergine, courgette & peppers (very small amounts of each)
Lunch: pork soup with sauerkraut followed by a pot of Fage Greek yogurt (no, not the big size!)
Dinner: chicken karhai with mint (curry from a recipe by Madhur Jaffrey) with cauliflower rice
Snacks: beef jerky, individual portion of cheddar, blackberries & raspberries after training

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