Friday, August 23, 2013

Not as good a day today

First up, sorry for getting you excited about coconut hearts Jess - as a vegan I suspect you'll feel mildly ill when I admit the coconut was coconut milk and the heart bit didn't grow on any plant...
I actually slept quite well last night for a change, thanks entirely to the Nytol I took. Obviously one night doesn't make up for many bad nights, but it did make me feel a little more positive this morning, as did the fact that its Friday and we have a bank holiday on Monday! However, once I got to work that didn�t last long � yesterday�s crap was still oozing and splattering around the place today, and it wasn�t a fun place to be.

At lunchtime today I walked less than a mile because I forgot my walking shoes and can�t walk far in my work shoes without getting blisters the size of my head. I was carrying a heavy rucksack though, which helped. After work I couldn�t train because the above heavy rucksack hurt my back/ shoulder so I walked a mile into town instead. Then ate a protein cookie. Damn. But it didn�t degenerate into a binge even so�

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs micro-scrambled with roast gammon, a little leek and some tomatoes

Lunch: deli turkey with a pathetic salad, hugely unsatisfying until followed by a pot of yoghurt with passion fruit. It was from a canteen & had no nutritional info, but wasn't 'tangy' enough to be unsweetened, or sweet enough to be a binge trigger.

Dinner: fresh tuna marinated in Tamari, red chilli & lime juice, served with samphire & broccoli with almonds

Snack: cheddar, cottage cheese and blueberries

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