Friday, October 4, 2013

A little dairy�

Well, today I had a flat white coffee with whole around 9am. No ill effects so far (apart from slightly light headed all morning from too much caffeine) so hopefully things will be ok with some dairy. I must admit I didn't enjoy it as much as I used to, so probably won't bother much. I'm finding that now I'm free to be more relaxed about food the idea of eating things that were excluded for the past month is not that appealing to me, I suppose in fear of ill effects or even just in fear of regaining the weight I lost. Or maybe just a change in habits, though almost certainly one that wouldn't take much reversing. Last night M suggested eating out since I was refusing to do so while on whole30 and it didn't appeal to me at all, so we didn't bother - though I might have been more interested if there were a greater variety of restaurants in town or at the weekend when we can take the time to travel somewhere without worrying about work the next day.
NSV today... My office has casual Friday and this morning I grabbed a pair of black jeans from the wardrobe. It wasn't until I reached work that I realized I'd picked the wrong pair of jeans - instead of size 10 I'd grabbed a pair of size 8 that I hadn't worn for about a year (last time I wore them I used the belt loops to pull them up and one loop broke under the strain Sad smile so I put them away). Today they felt the way I expected them to if they'd been the pair I washed last weekend - a little snug until they relaxed! The only reason I checked the label and realized what had happened was finding the broken belt loop!
I declared today a rest day as yesterday's 'less intense' workout of yoga instead of mountain climber proved stressful and sweaty. I walked at lunchtime then again after work for a total today of 5 miles. There was some sunshine at lunchtime, which was nice, and it was actually warm too.

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with tomatoes, mushrooms & spinach followed by cashew nuts
Lunch: pork & veg soup with strawberries, melon & almonds
Dinner: grilled chicken thighs in a stir fry with sunshine sauce over courgette noodles

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