Monday, October 7, 2013


Well, after the mistake I made on Saturday yesterday was not the best day ever. I had diarrhea for most of the morning and spent the morning in bed or in the bathroom. I had no energy all day - which could have been a food reaction but seems more likely to be caused by the way food kept shooting through me without much of a pause for digestion - so after eating a late breakfast of fried eggs & bacon with sweet potato home fries around 10am I went back to bed for a couple of hours - not through feeling ill by then so much as because I wanted to indulge in a whole lot of nothing. In a way it was actually a nice relaxing, self-indulgent afternoon! Later I transferred to the sofa and started watching The Silver Linings Playbook but found it depressing so we stopped that and watched The Angel's Share instead.
Today I was only working for a half day, so I decided not to drag myself into the office in the morning, instead working from home. Due to environment problems I didn't get a lot done, but I was still glad to finish!

After finishing work I took a short walk then came home and watched TV and cooked some soup before training on the mountain climber. I ended up spending 50 minutes on the climber, but in all honesty I wasn�t giving it my all for that 50 minutes. Still worked up a hell of a sweat though!

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled smoked rainbow trout followed by almonds
Lunch: a salad from the recipe book Tasty Paleo Salad Recipes - fennel, okra, endive & orange salad with lemon & parsley mackerel - very different and delicious. I've never had raw okra in a salad before and it was nice - but annoying to make as I tossed the salad by hand and the slices of okra kept sticking to my fingers!
Dinner: burger with horseradish mayo, salad & raw jicama chips

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