Thursday, October 3, 2013

Can�t think of a title

Jess, Deniz, thanks for your lovely comments to yesterday's post! I feel pretty good about the whole30 experience myself but I must admit I like the external validation :-)
And thank you too Sue! I expect reintroducing dairy will be the next step, but after really wanting it when it was forbidden, yesterday I considered getting a latte, and later some Greek yoghurt, but both times realized I genuinely wasn't fussed... so I plan to wait until I actively want it rather than just adding it arbitrarily. I'm not aware of it ever giving me any inflammatory effects, but this is the first time I've ever eliminated it from my diet for long enough to get it completely out of my system so when the time comes I will be evaluating my feelings very carefully! In particular I'm wary of my 2 favourites, Greek yoghurt and cheese are both foods I've overdone in the past and now I'm out of that particular habit I don't want to jump straight back in!

I'm feeling quite tired today after training & walking 3 days in a row (although a very short walk on one of those days) so I planned to walk at lunchtime (2 miles, it poured with rain when I reached the halfway mark - otherwise known as the furthest point) and then do a yoga DVD after work. I am so inflexible and stiff! I knew it would be hard as I haven't done yoga / any kind of stretching for over a year, but it was HARD. A sign of how much it was needed of course... I now plan to do that a couple of times a week at least but who knows if I'll stick to it. It was kind f embarrassing� a Beginners Yoga DVD I couldn�t come close to keeping up with and that made me sweaty�

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with asparagus, mushrooms & spinach followed by toasted coconut chips
Lunch: pork & veg soup & cold boiled gammon with 3 dates & an apple
Dinner: pan fried tuna steak and prawns with pesto veg

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