Saturday, October 5, 2013

Too much at once

During yesterday I was continuing my snail�s pace reintroduction of dairy by having butter in my breakfast eggs � and considering a pot of Greek yoghurt to really push the boat out.

Then I went slightly nuts, realised how uptight / obsessional my behaviour was still being, and agreed to go out for a Thai meal last night.


First of all I don�t like eating late at the best of times. We generally have dinner at 7pm � somewhere between 6:30 and 7 anyway � and last night we didn�t leave the house till almost 8, so I was already hungry and out of my schedule. Then I had 3 courses, which is more food than I�m used in one go, and ate a few things I�ve been avoiding.

Soy / fish sauce

Sweet chilli sauce

A couple (literally) of prawn crackers � the restaurant in question does the best prawn crackers in the world � dipped in (gasp!) peanut sauce

White rice (coconut rice & a single forkful of rice noodles)

I had steamed mussels with chilli � they were delicious, it�s a favourite of mine, but they do come with a little soy / fish sauce (I don�t know which, I�m woefully ignorant about Thai ingredients and the menu doesn�t specify)

Then pork stir fried with garlic & chilli (plus a little of M�s stir fried squid with chilli � notice a chilli theme????) with the aforementioned coconut rice. Very possible it was stir fried in peanut oil or rapeseed / soya oil, all excluded on the Whole30, and again there was soy / fish sauce.

Then fruit salad, which I don�t feel guilty/doubtful about. Though I should probably have had cream with it and didn�t.

Plus approx 1.5 � 2 glasses of rose (not very strong) wine

Woke up this morning feeling full, even bloated, yet hungry, and with a splitting headache. I know I�m a lightweight where wine is concerned but I really didn�t drink enough to give me a booze hangover, even after 33 days of no alcohol at all. That combined with the bloated yet wanting to eat feeling tells me there was something there my body wasn�t happy about. Of course because I changed so many things at once, and don�t even know how many, I�ve no idea what. Probably not the butter, as I�d eaten that in the morning and felt fine for the following 12-14 hrs. I think the wine and soy are most likely myself. Even before whole30 I was replacing traditional soy sauce with tamari and barely drinking.

Anyhoo, coffee, lemon water and painkillers took care of the headache and the bloated feeling has almost worn off, but I don�t think I�ll be doing that again in a hurry. Today I guess I�ll have to eat clean again (and I really fancy that Greek yoghurt right now) to let my system settle down.

Eating out is nice, but not if it leads to several hours of discomfort�

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