Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Where we are at

Just a quick one because you can understand this is a very busy time�

I didn�t get the job in London, so will be working away for 3 months from Monday (I asked them to put back my start date from today so I could do the house move necessaries and they kindly agreed)

We�re actually moving into the rental property today (we got it � and in under a week, yay!) having spent yesterday with a removal man packing everything we weren�t actually using while he went around the house. Including things we could have done with today actually - when we finish the move in 6 months time we�ll need to give him a better list of things not to pack on day 1!!! He was very efficient but he achieved that by packing absolutely everything, which is obviously quicker than considering each thing as you go around.

Due to the very short notice between exchanging and completing, getting the rental property sorted etc. we will be without phone and broadband until Monday (assuming things go to plan on Monday) so there probably won�t be another update until then unless I find myself in a wifi area with my laptop or the iPad � I�ve never figured out how to post from my mobile.

We�re eating out / takeaway / crap because I literally have no kitchen. For expedience sake I�m even eating sandwiches made with normal non-gf bread, which is not making my stomach entirely happy but so far anyway that�s mostly showing itself as a feeling of bloated fullness all the time rather than anything more intrusive / extreme.

I realised yesterday there�s no microwave in the rental, which M will need once I�m working away. We�re also leaving the Bibo behind in our current house and not replacing it until we�re in a house of our own, so I need to pick up a cheap kettle, water filter jug & microwave this weekend, all of which I�ll be throwing away in 6 months. Sigh. On the plus side we complete the sale tomorrow as early as our buyer can swing it and then the house sale from hell will be over; the house move from hell of course will not be over till we�ve unpacked all the essentials at the other end.

I think I slept about 90 minutes last night, so if this post looks & reads as though it were written in Sanskrit by a 2yr old that�s why�

Roll on (more or less) normal life� I miss you!!!

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