Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Life - well, work - gets in the way

My project at work has been shaken up & shuffled seismically over the past week, and now I have a new manager. Remembering how well it went when that happened on my last contract I am not filled with delight - especially as its happening less than a month before the first release, with Christmas falling in the middle of that period. I had agreed two weeks off from Friday this week with my last manager; as that would mean coming back to work on release day, that's not going to happen now, though I managed to agree that I would work from home in between my holiday / family commitments if absolutely necessary - I'm just not prepared to drive up here for a day or two then drive home for a day or two throughout that period (and was prepared to hand in my notice over it)
So once again my work life has become more stressful and political. I'm sure it wasn't like this back when I started in testing, I don't know what's gone wrong / changed...
As usual I handled it brilliantly by eating sweet gluten. Not too much, thankfully, I got it out of my system.
After work I intended to go to the gym and make an attempt at fitting in some weights machines as I am aware that I never do any strength work. But after the day I'd had I didn't feel like it, so instead I languished in the bath till I turned into a wrinkled prune

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with garlic &herb boursin & red pepper
Lunch: homemade soup - vegetables in really thick homemade chicken stock
Dinner: cold meat & strawberries
Snacks: Greek yoghurt; nuts; mince pie (not Gf)

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