Thursday, December 19, 2013

Not a low carb / paleo day - but I dont care!!

Between the ongoing stress at work (easing up a bit because it looks like I'll be going back to my last contract in February and therefore no longer working on this project, or 150 miles away from home), the approach of Christmas, the fact that I've screwed up so much this week, and a very stiff, sore neck all day - I must have been sleeping in a VERY weird position last night (until I woke up at 2:50 am and never went back to sleep) I couldn't give a rat's ass about diet, weightloss, exerclowing on from eating gluten. So for a change, although I have eaten a bag of crisps and some chocolate / yogurt coated banana today, I don't feel guilty (which makes a nice change). Given that my office was liberally scattered with mince pies, cakes, sandwiches & sausage rolls all afternoon I feel things could definitely have been worse!

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with tomato
Lunch: chicken & ready salted crisps
Dinner: chilli burger (no bun) & fries from the hotel bar
Snacks: Greek yoghurt; nuts

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