Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winner Announced and The Eat to Live Cookbook Project: Ginger Almond Dressing

The winner of the Eat to Live Cookbook is entry #87, Jana who wrote:

"I do not have a copy. I borrowed one from the library for three weeks and I really want a copy to keep in my cupboard. Your blog posts have been very inspiring and I would LOVE to be able to flip through the book any time I had an ingredient on hand and needed to find something to make. Please please please choose me!"

Jana, please contact me at

This dressing recipe is one of the few Fuhrman recipes that I made in the past, far before this project began. You can see my post on the dressing, and get a good laugh at the photos I was taking in 2011. I cannot remember why, at the time when I originally made it, I "adapted" it, but after making the recipe that is published in the Eat to Live Cookbook, I can take a guess.

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