Monday, January 13, 2014

Feeding the cold (and moaning a lot)

Well, despite the lurgy I had a lovely weekend. Yesterday was the least enjoyable day as my badly timed cold peaked in the afternoon and I spent a large part of the day essentially blind due to my eyes streaming constantly. In the evening I had a hot hot bath to try to sweat out the germs, which was lovely but appears not to have worked since I still feel rubbish today. My nose is bright red & sore as hell and for the first time during this cold I have a sore throat and feel feverish. I probably felt worse than I otherwise would have today because I was in work, bored rigid, and couldn't even stroke a cat to break the tedium.
I caught the train in this morning and happily there was no replacement bus to mess about with so I got on in my dad's village and stayed on till I reached a station 1.5 miles from the office. It was ok - pretty miraculous really that it fits so neatly - but I was ready to stretch my legs after 93 minutes on the train so I decided to walk from the station, a decision I regretted halfway there because I couldn't breathe through my nose and my energy levels slumped through the floor due to the weight of my luggage. Ah well, I won't be getting any other exercise so I'm sort of glad I did it kinda maybe I think... Ok not so much as I should have worn different shoes and  now both feet are blood-blistered.
I left work at 2pm because I was feeling crappy & feverish, and have since coughed my way through a long hot Epsom salts bath & snacky tea. I'm not going yet, but I'm ready for bed...

Food today
Breakfast: bits & bobs... A slice of ham & slice of cheese before leaving the house, and Greek yoghurt with carborific dried fruit from the canteen when I arrived.
Lunch: chicken cacciatore with a few small pieces of roasted potato & veg
Dinner: smoked salmon, bag if crisps (I know!!!) and Greek yogurt.
Snack: cashew nuts, apple, Mango machine smoothie (not remotely low carb but I hoped the vit C might help me feel less deathly)

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