Monday, January 6, 2014

I am sooooo tired

 Last night I got about 2 hrs sleep. I don't know if it was because I wasn't looking forward to returning to working away or just anxious after realizing that I'd forgotten to pack multiple important / essential things (fortunately I realized at 7pm last night when I could fix it, not after I drove 100 miles) but my brain wouldn't stop racing and I couldn't get to sleep. Of course that only got worse the longer I tossed and turned and worried about not being able to get to sleep...

 My drive in this morning started out well, the weather was much calmer and less horrible than I expected in Berkshire and traffic was just the right level to illuminate the roads with no traffic jams or hold ups. But the M1 was very unpleasant with driving rain that covered parts of the road as the drainage couldn't cope, lots of spray and some high winds. Nothing compared to the weather that's been hammering the coast of course, and certainly nothing compared to the snow storms in the US (if anyone reading this is being affected by that I hope you're managing OK)
I was thinking of going to the gym today but had zero energy after the bad night & early start - get this, in addition to the problems I was already having my alarm went off 23 minutes early, I think because the battery on my iPad was getting low. The perfect end to a crappy night.

 I must admit I was expecting to crave sweet stuff today, both as an energy boost and because I've been eating more of it over the holidays. Amazingly though that wasn't the case at all - in fact not only did I not want sugary snacks this morning, I didn't want any snacks at all, as my breakfast kept me full till lunchtime. I realize as I'm writing that that this was probably partly due to the fact that I ate it an hour later than usual after arriving at work (I was really hungry for the last 40 minutes of my journey in.) I'll take it though, as mornings are typically my worst time for snacking and nibbling / grazing. I behaved all day at work, and at the hotel as well... Amazing! No gluten. No grains. No sugar. No booze. OK, also no exercise, but then a crap night followed by a long drive and a full day's work while readjusting to low carb is a fairly good excuse I'd say...
Food today
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, bacon & avocado in homemade mayonnaise
Lunch: leftover beef stew & a handful of cherry tomatoes
Dinner: deli roast beef, sliced cheddar & 25g of cashews.
Snack: an apple

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