Monday, January 27, 2014

Last week working away�hurray!!!

I had another lovely weekend visiting my Dad though the weather was very unhelpful yesterday. I have to confess I did nag them a bit about using horrible processed fats � margarine and vegetable oils � but they taught me a lesson by offering me Lincolnshire plum bread, which I adore and can�t resist despite its not being remotely gf, so that taught me a lesson Winking smile

We mostly ate healthily and deliciously - on Thursday we had pan fried salmon with ratatouille,  Friday a lovely Caribbean Beef Stew (which I will be making and will tell you more about then), Saturday I cooked Chinese - barbecued pork and a beef stirfry (with rice), and Sunday Bolognese sauce over pasta for them, cabbage and courgette for me.

On Saturday we went to Newark on Trent (technically in Nottinghamshire but only a 25 minute drive from their house.) I loved the town centre and now have another place I'd like to live some day Smile It's a town not a village, but not massive, yet it had no less than 4 independent butchers and a market 3 times a week - my kind of town Smile and lots of beautiful historic buildings � it�s a long term market town with Civil War history, including a ruined castle destroyed by the Roundheads following its surrender on the orders of Charles 1. There is an ugly industrial end but that doesn�t spoil the town centre�



Yesterday it poured with rain from about 9am to 2:30pm and was really depressing. I was champing at the bit to go for a walk but when we eventually ventured out around 2:30 the wind was so cold we did a quick circuit of the village then went back to the house and shifted furniture around (they're having a ceiling replastered and needed to clear out the room). Then I fell asleep on the sofa. Twice. I'm like some kind of rock star.

I slept a bit last night but woke up early and was tired enough to drink excessive amounts of coffee again today. I also had a carb slip (see below) but managed to stay gf, which is after all the most important thing for me. I'm feeling slightly (too?) relaxed about food this week now that there's only a few days till I reclaim my kitchen so it doesn't bother me too much.

I caught the train back this morning as usual when I visit Dad and then walked from the station � almost 2 miles in total I believe, so that was good as it was the only real exercise I got today. Given my (probably psychological/pathological) problem sleeping on Sunday nights I never seem to have the energy to train on Mondays. On top of that lack of energy, I�ve also had back ache all day, probably arising from the 2 mile walk with a heavy rucksack on my back AND heavy laptop case (my work laptop � not exactly slim-line) in my hand. 

Food today:

Breakfast: hard boiled eggs

Lunch: ham & a packet of crisps (oops - at least they were gf)

Tea: cold meat with salad and Greek yoghurt

Snacks: natural yoghurt, cashews, ok I was going to hide this but I need to not do that, Trek cocoa brownie bar & small bag Randoms Sad smile

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