Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thank you thank you

Thank you Jessica, Roxie, Katherine, Joy & Deniz for your lovely comments yesterday - it made me feel much better about myself! I think I hoped for a longer honeymoon period with the low carbing and was disproportionately disappointed to be feeling that way already. I'm sure you've noticed my tendency to be negative at these times.... :-( On the plus side, the cravings passed (though it took long enough to be annoying) and today I was almost totally unaware of (and actually untempted by) the tin of Belgian chocolate biscuits some kind person has deposited on the filing cabinet right next to my desk. Literally right next to my desk. Some people have no consideration :-)

I'm spending this weekend at my father's - but travelling by train rather than driving. (This is not because of the infamous ditch incident as he suggested doing it before I got up close & personal with the ditch; it just makes sense in winter because he lives in a sufficiently rural place to guarantee none of the local roads are treated and that's not great in cold wet weather. Though I've been checking and the weather there lately has been better than at home or at work...)

My plan for the weekend is to be Gf (possibly excluding beer as that doesn't bother my stomach and they make some really good beers in Lincolnshire) and as low carb as possible so long as it doesn't put Dad & his wife, C, out, since that really isn't fair. And apart from that, just to enjoy myself! I'm going there this evening and working from home tomorrow so I'll get an extra night there.

I just finished reading - devouring really - Well Fed 2 by Melissa Joulwan. I enjoyed the first book,bought the second one the minute I found it on the kindle, and read it as soon as it downloaded. Sign of a great looking cookbook? When you realize you're bookmarking every recipe :-) Definition of frustration? When you've bookmarked every recipe but don't have access to a kitchen!!!

Food today
Breakfast: bacon & poached eggs from the canteen
Lunch: chicken and ham & an apple
Dinner: roast chicken with sweet potato & veg
Snack: Greek yoghurt with black forest fruits, a few peanuts (naughty!), cashews. The yoghurt is gone and I won't be buying that brand again (unless they also do a full fat version - if so I'd try that to see if an improved texture takes the edge off the sharpness)

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