Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thursday Jan 2

Happy New Year!
I meant to post on New Year's Eve but...
We took M's parents to my favourite restaurant in England, the Hinds Head in Bray, for lunch in NYE and due to an excessive amount of booze (or more accurately due to my excessively mixing the types of booze I drank) not onnly can I no longer state my holiday is hangover free, but I actually suffered the worst type of hangover in my opinion - the same day hangover, where you know it could be held off by continuing to drink but the delayed consequences will be truly awful if you do...
But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. M's parents came as planned on Monday and we just went to our local Wetherspoons for a casual (large) lunch - in my case a Tennessee burger with chips AND onion rings that I did eat, with a roll that I didn't eat. Followed by a Gf ice-cream sundae. We walked into town in pouring rain (i'd already done that walk in the rain earlier too) but it stopped while we were eating so we walked back and I changed into proper walking boots and headed straight back out with my FiL for a 4.5 mile walk (a total for the day of about 7 miles for me) then a relatively quiet evening with a snacky tea and some beer, not too much to avoid ruining the following days lunch. The next day I made breakfast for everyone then walked into town for some quiet alone time. We had a fantastic lunch but I was unable to resist their wide range of imaginative & unusual cocktails - hence my early hangover. I blame the last one  with New Zealand gin - I'm very not used to gin. Once again the weather was awful early on then improved enough to allow FiL & I a post-lunch walk. This was punctuated by a stop at a pub (just a half pint for me) and then by my slipping on a wet leaf and dropping onto one knee at the side of the road on the way home (I swear I wasn't falling down drunk :-)). Ouch!
We got home and I changed out of my walking gear to find a somewhat scraped and decidedly bruised knee. That's also when the hangover really hit - possibly because the house was so warm after our chilly walk - so I was embarrassingly in bed by 7 in a darkened room :-( I've never been fussed about staying up till midnight on NYE and M was deep in a motorcycle discussion with his dad so if my stomach hadn't been pounding and my head lurching - or vice versa - I would probably have made an excuse for an early night anyway... I'm such a good hostess, come see me and I'll abandon you early evening to collapse into bed :-)
Yesterday I went for a cold wet walk in the morning as I wasn't fully recovered then vegetated the rest of the day (my MiL gave me a onesie for Christmas, brilliant for feeling cozy while in a self-pitying huddle on the sofa :-))

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