Saturday, February 22, 2014

Choose Natural Sugars - Choose to avoid Refined Sugars

I can't speak for everyone when i talk about sugar addiction.. But i can speak for myself.. When I first went on a sugar detox.. i had a my eyes wide open.. I thought well i can do this. how difficult can it be� You do go through the tiredness, the nausea, the crankiness� it really is addictive. (apparently more addictive than drugs) .. so weaning yourself off it doesn't necessarily come easy..

However if you can take the time to do it.. I try to keep the recipes here free from processed sugars, and try to use Raw Honey, Bananas , Dates and other natural sugars

Here's an interesting graphic i came across regarding sugars addiction and our health

A few things on the harmful effects of sugar also are

So do yourself a favor today� If looking for something 'sweet treat'.. Avoid a shop bought bar, cake or  refined sugars..

Reach for natural sugars instead such as a piece of fruit :)

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