Thursday, February 27, 2014

Whole 30 day 25 appointment #2

Today started out much better... I've realized my hunger & depression the last day or two were mainly hormonal, (TTOM) making me feel substantially less insane and weak!

My reduced caffeine push is going well - third day in a row with only one cup each of caffeinated & decaf coffee. Tomorrow I may just go straight to the decaf unless I have a really bad night tonight.

I worked from home again today in preparation for my appointment. I do like working from home but after a day or so I start missing the noise and (superficial) company. Not to mention being irritated by the built in delay when asking questions / asking for help electronically instead of in person. It doesn't really help having sunshine outside either - home is supposed to be the place I can just go out if it's sunny! I did once again get the 4 miles walked of course, but the sun didn't last long enough to get the benefit.

My appointment happened today as it should have. Apart from the part where he confirmed I had a detached retina requiring a scleral buckle procedure - general anaesthetic, 2 weeks not driving (he said off work, but I checked it really meant not driving). It's surgery. Woo hoo. Within the next 2 months.

At least I know now...

Food today:
Breakfast: back to the eggs... Scrambled with leek, courgette & tomatoes
Lunch: mushroom & spinach soup and some salmon - mayo in half an avocado (made with remoulade - great combo with a little red onion as well)
Dinner: chocolate chili with coconut rice
Snacks: plantain chips with more salmon - mayo; cashews and comfort cashew butter.

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