Thursday, March 27, 2014

Enough is enough

Ok, I had some chocolate again today and now I'm feeling sick of myself. I'm not happy boo hoo me but the truth is I'm not unhappy because my life lacks chocolate and now it's just starting to feel self destructively self indulgent - and a bit tedious. And not even enjoyable. Not to mention weight gain (2 miles walking a day, though a definite improvement, will not offset chocolate eating)
So that's enough.
Right. Well, I must admit I feel it hard to care about looking after myself and hard to feel like I deserve to feel good / look good / be happy right now. As a first step in changing that I've booked an appointment to get my hair cut on Saturday (I look like an unpruned shrub at the moment) and starting tomorrow I'm going to do another whole 30 though without making a big thing of it if I slip up now and then as it can only run up to April 26th, when we have a reservation at one of M's favourite restaurants for his birthday.
Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with asparagus
Lunch: salad with hot smoked salmon
Dinner: soup - turkey egg drop soup with homemade chicken stock
Snacks: chocolate again & cashews

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