Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Crappy day

I took today as a sick day after the pain in my ear kept me awake most of last night.
It took me the whole day to get a prescription for the ear infection now filling my life with such joy - a saga of getting a prescription for ear drops that have apparently been discontinued, making and awaiting phone calls to get an alternative prescription, and making multiple trips into town. Altogether - on a day when I was knackered & feeling lousy - I ended up walking over 6 miles in 26 degree heat at approximately 210% humidity because I didn't feel I should drive.

On the plus side, I walked over 6 miles on a day when I lacked the energy to train and, left to myself,would have stayed on the sofa all day. On the minus side, I was practically deaf in one ear, in pain apart from when I took ibuprofen, and it was really really hot - I think I caught the sun. And after all that, I'm not sure how much good my eventually acquired eardrops are doing - it certainly doesn't feel better right now.
Life sucks.
Someone should put me out of my misery - I'm pretty sure they would if I were a dog.
Woof woof grrr whimper

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