Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eh? Whazzat?

I was back in the office today, very very bored and still very hard of hearing in my right ear but holding the pain at bay by taking pills every 4 hours instead of waiting till it started hurting. Prevention is better than cure, right? Well at least it's possible to function that way...
Tomorrow I'll be working from home again so I can go back to the doctors - this time to get blood drawn for a full set of 'MOT' health checks that will hopefully tell me if there's any underlying reason for my less than excellent health the last few weeks. Somehow I won't be amazed if everything comes back within normal ranges and I'm still left with 'just a bit run down' as the only explanation I can work with. (In the meantime, Diane, I am changing to a slightly more 'normal' diet in case of any deficiencies in what I generally do (not that I've been following my general diet with much success since falling repeatedly off the low carb wagon while recovering from my eye op - I think I've allowed myself to become re-addicted to sugar and poor quality carbs) For now I'm bringing back white rice and potatoes; gluten-containing grains remain mostly off the menu (though yesterday I did have a mainstream sandwich for lunch while in town trying to get some medicine for my ear) and so do the other grains that are often contaminated / have similar issues.)

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with mushrooms, potatoes & leek
Lunch: homemade sausage & sauerkraut soup followed by fresh melon & dried pineapple
Dinner: chicken, mushroom & spinach *risotto* yay rice!!!
Snacks: cashews, natural yogurt

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