Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vampire attack!!!

So, today I worked from home (yawn) and went to the clinic for my health MOT. Luckily - as it was a fasting blood test appointment - I managed to get a fairly early appointment (9:10 am) but I was still starving by the time I got there, fasting is definitely not my thing. The nurse made me get on a set of scales to be weighed (which was not a lot of fun for me) and took my blood pressure before draining my blood and asking a bunch of lifestyle questions that made me want to dive into a barrel of whiskey with a pound of chocolate... However, she said my blood pressure & weight (!!!!) were good so hopefully the blood test results will be ok... of course they won't be back for a week.
My ear is improving (less pain though not much more hearing) and between a little shopping & a trip to the clinic I got about 4 miles walking as well, so that was something.

Food today:
Breakfast: nothing until after my appointment, and then a protein flapjack
Lunch: sausage & sauerkraut soup and a little low carb grain free bread (homemade)
Dinner: sardine 'pasta' on courgette noodles
Snacks: gluten free hot cross bun (don't ask)

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