Tuesday, August 5, 2014

brrrr. and grrrr. not to mention aarrgh

The office was freezing all day today - the air conditioning was definitely overactive gives that it's a bit cooler outside now. I had to compensate with a steady intake of herbal & green tea all day, and an energy boost from some cookies. What??? Being cold is tiring... Plus I was in a bad, bad mood. There's one problem with having a really good time on your own time - be it a weekend, a holiday or even just an evening - when you come back to real life, and it's a real life you find a lot less enjoyable, my god it's with a hell of a crash! I don't really have a dream job I wish I could do, but one things for sure - testing software isn't ANYBODY'S dream job. NOBODY wants to test software all day. NOBODY.
I keep trying to think of something I'd actually like to do, but so far I've got nothing. Crap. Any thoughts anybody? do you love your jobs and totally fail to see where I'm coming from, hate your jobs and wonder why I think there should be more to life, or put up with the here and now in order to achieve some greater goal or dream (not death, ok? You get that sooner or later regardless of your hopes & plans)

I think I may still not be properly rehydrated from the weekend, as I haven't had to make as many trips to the bathroom as I would have expected given my fluid intake today. Maybe that contributed to my (mostly) silent burning rage today... Not to mention my cookie eating efforts.

Food today:
Breakfast: a homemade leftover turkey-beef basil burger tapped with a poached egg
Lunch: homemade beef sausages topped with sauteed pepper & onions & served in lettuce wraps
Dinner: Pork, sage & apple burgers with raw jicama fries & salad
Snacks: Greek yoghurt, fruit, cookies

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