Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy weekend recap

Well, after my depression, gloom & despondency at the end of last week I had a lovely weekend. My brother arrived on Saturday morning and we caught the train to Kingston upon Thames, where we'd heard there is a good Saturday market. I don't know if the normal market was in or not, if it was it's possible we would have been disappointed on a normal Saturday, but the universe decided to give us a treat - there was a food festival on.
We used the festival for lunch - a pretty light meal at that, and I thoroughly enjoyed a serving of teriyaki chicken with rice and beansprouts from a stall by a restaurant called Namu (I think). We'd planned to follow lunch by getting on a river boat to Richmond, but narrowly missed one boat and then discovered the next one wasn't for 3 hours due to them breaking for lunch. So instead we decided to walk along the Thames path. Initially we were going to walk to the next town with a train station and then get the train to Richmond, but in the end we walked all the way to Richmond. The only flaw(s) in that impulsive plan were 1) we underestimated the distance and heat so didn't take anything to drink, and 2) I wasn't dressed the way I would have dressed for a long walk, and some chafing occurred :-(.
However the walk itself was lovely and we both felt we saw more of the houses and parkland along the Thames than we would have even from the boat.
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When we reached Richmond we were both feeling dehydrated and baking hot so we grabbed ice cream & mineral water from a van, then headed into town and bought bottles of soft drinks (Coke, for an energy boost as well as hydration). We went into the recently opened Whole Foods Market and a bought a restrained amount, then we headed back to the train station. I calculated that we walked about 9 - 10 miles in total.
Sunday we went to Reading in the morning, walked along the Kennet & Avon  canal and then had lunch. Nothing pretentious - we went into Bella Italia and I had a burger - but it was very tasty. We did a little shopping on the way back to the station, dropped our purchases off at home and had a short rest before going back out for another stroll, this time through a wooded copse near us and a couple of parks. Probably we walked somewhere between 6 and 8 miles altogether, but I wasn't bothering to track it, just enjoying myself.
I also really enjoyed trying some bubble tea in Reading - I'd never had it before and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite being very aware that it was full of sugars of one kind or another!
Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with mushrooms, bacon & leek
Lunch: salad with cold roast gammon
Dinner: Bolognese sauce in a baked potato with salad
Snacks: Primal Kitchen almond cashew bar; raw chocolate (Ombar) - both purchased from Whole Foods Market, and I hadn't tried either before.

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