Monday, August 11, 2014

I trained today!!!

I trained today!
I trained today!
I trained today!
My weekend was mostly incredibly uninteresting - M persuaded me to be totally inactive on the grounds that a thorough hibernation might allow me to totally recover from the last remnants of ill health ready for our holiday. I watched a movie (God Bless America - excellent), lay on the sofa a lot, did very little cooking and no housework except essential laundry, went shopping by car and got my hair cut - and that was that for Saturday. By Sunday morning I had a bad back (upper right, extending into my shoulder) and was complaining about how bad for you just resting is. So we went out for lunch, which involved walking just over a mile and a half in total. It was nice, and we left after the torrential rain of the morning, getting home before the torrential rain of the afternoon, so we timed things pretty well.
I had trouble getting to sleep last night and woke up hideously early - I had set my alarm for 4:30am so I could train if I felt up to it, but woke up at least an hour earlier. I didn't feel up to it - or to going into work - but for once I remembered how much more energy I sometimes have after training, and decided to give it a go. I managed to last an entire episode of NCIS (adverts edited out) and didn't feel any negative side effects from any of my ailments. So as long as that lasts, I intend to continue to train - at home and on holiday.

Food today:
Breakfast: homemade pork & apple breakfast sausage in GF ciabatta roll
Lunch: raw ginger soup
Dinner: chicken & veg with homemade romesco sauce
Snacks: cashews

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