Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Thursday: at sea

I'm not sure why it took a full day to get from Greenock to The Orkney Islands, but apparently it does (I'm rubbish at geography) so today we spent at sea all day. I think it's the North Sea we were in, but see above for why I'm not sure. For the first time the weather was more what we expected for this holiday - overcast, some rain, cool but not really cold. The sea was a bit more wobbly than it has been as well, I was quite pleased I had brought the world's best anti-seasickness tablets with me and could take them first thing. I actually had a lie in this morning - I didn't get up until 7:20, which is very rare for me, but I still just threw on my training gear and headed straight to the gym. For some reason I find that easier on holiday than I do at home - I think many people operate the other way around? It could just be because I have to get up so early at home if I want to fit it into the pre-work routine whereas here the gym doesn't even open till 7 so I'm naturally more awake. Plus I very rarely get plastered on holiday so I don't have to contend with hangovers. Not my hangovers anyway...

Food today:
Breakfast: buffet
Lunch: Bacardi & coke marinated spicy chicken wings


followed by a bacon burger with fries


and then butterscotch ice cream

Dinner: formal night - generally the best menus.
Starter: warm crab & artichoke dip

Soup: smoked haddock & potato chowder

Main course: surf & turf

Dessert: apple & walnut spring rolls with raspberry & pepper dipping sauce


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