Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday: Le Havre

This was a port I wasn't really interested in before we went - or bothered about while we were there. Le Havre isn't a destination port,it's just the most convenient port for Paris, and as Paris is a 3 hour coach trip from the port (that's each way, not round trip) it makes a very long trip for actually not that long in Paris - so we didn't bother. In the morning we intended to walk to the centre of Le Havre - primarily for something to do - but that was about it. In fact when we left the ship there was a little 'train' boarding outside the terminal buildings - a few trolleys with benches that was being pulled down the road by a small motorized vehicle - and we ended up going into town on that, mainly for the audio tour that was played, so we could find out a bit about the town along the way. Sadly the train was uncomfortable and the tour pretty sparse, so we just walked back. I understand that Le Havre was massively damaged by the bombing in the Second World War, and that they basically rebuilt from the ground up, but to be honest the architectural style they chose didn�t appeal to me � lots of prefab squares made from concrete � so it wasn�t an appealing town to me. But it was the only real walk I got on this holiday (unless you count xxxx miles walked on board the ship, up and down stairs and along endless corridors (by cruising holiday mantra: Too many f**king stairs!!!) so that alone was a bonus



We got back at lunchtime, and narrowly escaped a torrential rain shower. The rest of the day consisted of a few walks round the ship, two visits to the buffet (lunch & dinner) and lots of relaxing in the cabin to prepare for returning to the real world.
All meals: buffets

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