Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday: Greenock for Glasgow

I made today a gym free rest day as during yesterday's training I found my legs felt quite fatigued quite early. It's amazing how much time on a cruise is spent climbing stairs - which is absolutely knackering after a while, and had my calves aching for the first couple of days.
In the afternoon we had a tour booked - a city drive around Glasgow with stops in Cathedral Square and the Kelvingrove Gallery.
As every day so far we were pleasantly surprised by the weather - not very warm when the breeze was blowing, but really sunny and no rain, which is not what we expected of Scotland (or Ireland come to that)

The Gallery was an extraordinary place � a mixture of art (with an exhibit focused on Charles Rennie Mackintosh that I particularly enjoyed), science and Natural History that would generally be spread unnecessarily across many different buildings. It�s a beautiful building, with amazing exhibits.


The Cathedral Square stop we were less bothered by, being heathens. It was nice but not spectacular and I was mostly focused on buying something little to make change for tipping the guide! The weather was good again, the guide was nice, and it was an interesting tour.



Food today:
Breakfast: buffet stuff
Lunch: more buffet stuff
Dinner: Peruvian scallop ceviche


followed by Oyster, spinach and potato cream soup


then skirt steak fajitas (didn�t eat the tortillas, but I confess I had a second portion of the steak)


and finally vodka lime sorbet


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