Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Yes. Eating chocolate DOES seem like a good idea right now

I'd really like to write a happy perky sort of post as an antidote to the miserable ones yesterday and Friday but I don't have the energy - or the material! I guess if happy and perky are what you want - or all you want - you probably aren't reading this blog anyway (or not more than once in any case.)
I'm going on holiday in a week, I feel horribly fat and am afraid to weigh myself to really know the damage, my ear doesn't hurt but is still not hearing properly, my other infection has left me with a sore to the touch slight lump that still bleeds intermittently due to chafing / rubbing, and I'd kind of like to spend the next 6 - 8 weeks in bed (handcuffed to prevent binge attacks) being fed intravenously on calorie controlled meal replacements. Instead, I'm stuck with living my grumpy life, damnit

Food today:
Breakfast: smoothie made with cookies & cream whey powder, frozen (defrosted) summer berries, ground linseeds & spinach
Lunch: homemade beef soup
Dinner: Thai red curry (chicken livers) with rice
Snacks: homemade pork, sage & apple sausage patties, pork scratchings, chocolate

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