Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Definitely rebuilding my strength through sleep now. Sad for me, under the circumstances, that I am doing a little overtime tonight at 10 PM. Leaving aside the fact that I'm 300 yrs old and my bedtime is way earlier than that I doubt if it will be restful, however well it (hopefully) goes. Still, I am working from home tomorrow as a reward for the unsocial hours overtime and that's always nice. 
I weighed myself this morning and I was right back where I was immediately after the holiday. In truth although depression & exhaustion definitely led to over indulging I'm fairly confident I didn't overeat that much so I'm hoping once the crap works it's way completely out of my system some of it will disappear again. Listen to me, classic yo yo dieter.... pondering how to get it off ASAP by changing my diet AGAIN despite not really having given the perfect health diet a fair shot... NO. Not doing it. PHD deserves more than a week (or two) sticking to it followed by a week ignoring it completely. Or however long it was. 
I did walk about 3 miles today, so could have been worse...

Food today:
Breakfast: bratwurst saut�ed with leek,  peppers & sauerkraut
Lunch: chili
Dinner: ham & brie with cucumber & tomatoes
Snacks: 2 minute cocoa protein muffin

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