Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Balls balls
Binged today
I blame yesterday's sandwich - bought for incredibly mature and reasoned reason that I missed my train home from Reading yesterday & therefore was stuck at the station for an extra (tedious) half hour. I'd already made myself a salad, but kept it for today. That was not a good idea. Yesterday I said the non-gf sandwich was worth it because it was delicious - but it really wasn't.
I trained this morning, so that was good. Unfortunately I couldn't walk at lunch time because I had a parcel to post. Due to having to queue to buy the padded envelope first, then queue again to weigh the parcel & pay for the postage, I didn't have time for a walk. I did however have time to buy binge food.
Ah well. I stopped bingeing around 1 pm and behaved for the rest of the day...
Tomorrow is another day, right?

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with bacon, mushrooms & spinach
Lunch: ham & kale salad & some melon, also some crisps left over from a catered meeting
Dinner: beef stirfry
Snacks: nutty Kind bars (2 of them!!!), pork scratchings, bounty bar, fig, plum.
The Kind bars were an attempt to replace the protein flapjacks I've been eating lately but it turns out they have way, way, way too much sugar for me... And not enough protein.  All gone now thankfully

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