Monday, September 15, 2014

Eye check - 3 months post op

Today was my three month post-op check up for my eye - it should have happened last month but was postponed because of my holiday.
I worked from home so that I could go to the appointment and then make up the time. I dragged myself into Reading on the train and then, as usual, got stuck in the waiting room till an hour after my appointment time. I genuinely have no idea why it's so impossible for anyone at that hospital to come anywhere close to on schedule. No idea.
Especially given that when my appointment finally did happen it lasted approximately 3 minutes - if they're all like that how do you end up an hour behind by mid-morning? The important thing I guess is that it did go well - my eye is still doing well, he used the word stable - and I don't have to go back for 6 months, at which point, assuming things still look good, I'll be discharged from the Eye Clinic so yay.
Apart from that, not much worthy of mention. As usual on eye check days I walked 4 miles total between house and train station, train station & hospital. I didn't train as well because I started work early - and finished late - to make up the time spent on the trek to and from my appointment. Work was boring but I put the tv on in the background & didn't care. And that's it really. Except for a change I slept badly :-( I woke up early, tried to go back to sleep, got really bored and checked the clock... After all that, it was 3:08 am. I can't remember what a decent nights sleep looks like, it's been so damned long...
Tiredness + frustration + boredom = overeating today

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with bacon, mushrooms & spinach
Lunch: beef sandwich - not gf (Marks & Spencer - and worth it) :-0
Dinner: chicken & ham kale salad
Snacks: wasabi peas, protein flapjack.

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