Friday, January 30, 2015

Crap day apart from the walking

The snow - such as it was - was gone by the time I clawed my way out of bed this morning so I had no excuse to work from home. And morale at the office was so low this morning I really really wished I had. I wasn't directly affected myself, but you wouldn't believe (unless you work in an office) how much time was spent this morning on rehashing certain events that took place yesterday. Because nothing fixes a struggling project like pi$$ing off all the staff and uniting them in resentment...
Ah well, today was not a brilliant day.  The morning was, as above, full of hostility and anger. In the afternoon I was told my contract was probably not going to be extended. Which is not a calamity given I have a possible lead already on another job, but still isn't lots of fun. And I was starving. So I had a Bounty.
After work I blew off some steam with a second (dry)walk and I admit it, a bit of booze. Now, one beer later, I'm feeling more relaxed. And at least it's the weekend... Here's some more photos from my lunchtime walk as the evening one wasn't very picturesque...

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with veg and some homemade gf bread
Lunch: soup
Dinner: bolognese sauce on cabbagetti
Snacks: Chicken liver pate with chopped veg; yogurt.

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