Monday, January 26, 2015

Stomach cramps and gummy bears

Well, my weekend was a bit mixed. I did a reasonable amount of walking on Saturday, less yesterday, I ate OK on Saturday, not so well yesterday, drank a bit - more than I intended - Saturday, less yesterday...  I hardly slept Saturday night and had stomach cramps all morning yesterday, which is responsible for quite a bit of the above. And the gummy bears.  However I also had a productive day yesterday in particular with a trip to the recycling centre to get rid of quite a bit of rubbish, some household chores including scouring the door seal of a washing machine (woo hoo - partay!!!) , and a bit of light packing for the move - getting started at a gentle pace to reduce the panic when we get to doing it for real. Plus I started to watch The Expendables 3 and (according to M) gave up on it just as it got good. I don't seem to have the attention span to watch movies at the moment, unless they catch me really early.
This morning I passionately wanted to pull the covers over my head and refuse to get out of bed when my alarm went off. It must be because of the dark mornings, but I'm seriously struggling with the whole getting out of bed thing these days as never before. I made it only after wrestling with myself for 2 minutes but still kind of wish I hadn't bothered, despite the morning actually passing quite quickly - every time I looked at the clock an hour or more had passed whereas usually it seems as though the clock is going backwards.
I tried going out for a lunchtime walk today (staying on paths because we've had rain) but cut it short due to a nasty cold wind. It felt quite unsatisfying but when I got back and checked my pedometer it was better than I had thought - about a mile and a half instead of the usual 2 miles. If I'd managed to get myself out again after work I could have made up the difference...  But nah.
I have to say I've been feeling quite down lately - probably just due to stressing out a bit over the upcoming house move, but as a result things like sad or horrible news stories, sad blogs, even sad fiction and unpleasant weather are upsetting me at the moment. Could be a bit of TTOM as well I guess. TTOM and SAD or maybe I'm just a self-centred depressive.

Oh well.  Food today good. Work not terrible. Exercise lacking. No nytol because I'm worried about Alzheimers. Let's see how I sleep tonight...

Food today:
Breakfast: boiled eggs with gf soldiers
Lunch: hot and sour soup
Dinner: big salad with roast gammon

Snacks: homemade pork rinds, toasted coconut

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