Thursday, February 12, 2015

Crawling back towards normality

Yesterday I spent so much time wandering aimlessly or purposefully around 2 houses that I actually got my 10000 steps in without going for any walks - and that's without counting the carrying, the bending, the stretching... No wonder I'm still knackered despite quite a good night's sleep.
This evening after work I had to go back to the old house to collect some more stuff and do some more hoovering just to remove the massive dust bunnies revealed when the furniture was moved for the first time in 13 months, while M carried on rebuilding the new house. Then back to the new place to try and clear enough space in the kitchen to cook some food and allow us to eat off plates instead of cardboard delivery boxes for the first time since Monday. I did get a walk at lunchtime, much needed and appreciated, a couple of miles, a lot of chatting and a little shopping. I must admit once all this crap is done with I am looking forward to starting to walk and explore around the new house - I haven't even seen the town centre and don't know the way to the train station or anything yet so it will make for much more interesting walking than was available at the old house in Bracknell. (one of England's least attractive towns, if you don't already know that - except for it's many parks)

Food today:
Breakfast: saut�ed leftover kebab meats with almond flour pancakes - from the freezer
Lunch: homemade soup - from the freezer
Dinner: Chinese takeaway as I still can't find the room to cook. Aromatic crispy lamb (amazing) starter followed by duck with green pepper in black bean sauce and a small amount of plain boiled rice
Snacks: crisps and fruit

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