Friday, February 6, 2015

Storm blew over

So, this morning I was once again wondering why I bother with the antidepressants if I can feel like I did last night on them.  And then realised I forgot to take it yesterday. I doubt if one missed pill causes an instant drop to sub-therapeutic levels in the body, but maybe it had some effect, along with the other already mentioned reasons for melting down. I do feel a bit better today despite a bad night due to all that het up emotion (and booze) and excruciating back pain, so I guess the sobbing did have its use, as you suggested, Joy.
Absolutely freezing today again but no snow and no sleet, which counts as a win in my world. I didn't walk this lunchtime because I was too busy driving home to wfh during the afternoon. To be accurate, working from bed, as that's about the only place I can get comfortable at the moment. I didn't the whole morning just trying to find a comfortable position or a distraction, while counting the minutes till I could take more painkillers without destroying my liver and dying but once I was mostly lying down, with head and neck supported at the right angle and the drag on my left shoulder taken care of I didn't need any more pills the rest of the day.
After work I just couldn't face going out in the cold - so I didn't. I just spent a couple of hours in the kitchen cooking, doing a little packing, and other chores.
Oh yes, and I got offered that job - just a couple of months but as the market is usually pretty dead in the lead up to the new financial year that's about perfect. So I celebrated with a junk food lunch. Because I'm like that.

Food today:
Breakfast: saut�ed bratwurst, yellow pepper, onion, boiled potato and sauerkraut
Lunch: junk with junk and added junk.
Dinner: Gammon with roasted broccoli, carrots & Brussels sprouts
Snacks: cashews

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