Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We're in!

I can't say the move is really over as the house looks like a bomb hit it, but we are physically in the new place.  And I am exhausted, aching (though not as much as I expected)  and so glad today is over.
The removal guys were great but I was longing for them to leave a good hour or two before they did. I just wanted to get on with sorting everything out, but was restricted by having to not get in the way as they lugged all our heavy crap around. I made up for lost time after 4, when they left, but there's still tons to do at the weekend. And I feel like I've already done a million tons...
Yesterday after I finished work I went shopping - primarily for Drain unblocker as we were having issues with the kitchen sink - literally one week before the end of the tenancy. When I got home it was to discover that M had uncovered the problem - it wasn't the pipe inside the house that was blocked, but the drain outside. I had created a fat blockage in the drain and it was totally flooded as a result.  So gross! At first I just put the unblocker I'd bought down the drain instead of the sink, but a little while after going to bed my brain was buzzing wildly about possible charges to fix it and I knew I wouldn't sleep without doing something.  So I went out in my dressing gown, scooped out the water, and then got hands on with the blockage. It was REVOLTING - but it worked. I spent most of the morning checking every time I walked past the sink, and it kept flowing happily away. I'm a sad person - because that gave me a sense of achievement. Although - cold set fat - yuck. Just yuck.
This morning I got up at 4:30 to bag + box up stuff to bring to the new  house. Then back to  the old house to do more of the same while waiting for the removal men.  Then back to the new house to get Sky installed, with some unpacking as I waited. Then back to the old house for more packing plus hoovering. Then off to the new house for a massive amount of unpacking and some carrying of things I really shouldn't have.
The highlight of the day was an OK,  nothing special lamb shish kebab for tea. With a glass of wine as celebration. And now an early night....

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