Thursday, April 30, 2015

Only when I larf

I'm still improving with the antihistamines although you wouldn't think it to look at my miserable face. My eyes have almost stopped watering except in bright light, but I'm still sniffing a fair bit and sneezing sporadically - and I've developed an annoying cough when I laugh that feels like fiery razor blades in my throat. Lovely. I have to get better tomorrow because on Saturday I'm visiting my mum and I refuse to let this stupid allergy spoil things. Arrrgh I'm do pathetic letting this get me down so much, it's only hayfever!!!  In my defence it's hurts to breathe.  And I'm wearing myself off my antidepressants at the moment so I have some excuse for slightly variable moods.
Onto more cheerfulish things - I finished my contract today and am free of the project from hell. I have a nice 4 day weekend before I start the next one on Tuesday and I'd like to feel well enough to make the most of it, even if the forecast shows plenty of typical bank holiday weather happening. I'm hoping the forecast is as accurate as usual and we have at least grey skies (and low pollen) but dry, dry, dry...

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with my homemade sausage patties
Lunch: broccoli cheese soup
Dinner: chicken thigh fillet stir fried with microscopic amounts of leek and orange pepper plus more generous amounts of mushroom and romaine lettuce
Snacks: cheese

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