Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yesterday was not a good day

I felt absolutely lousy all day, having hardly slept Monday night because I was so congested I could hardly breathe. So I worked from home instead of dragging my sniffing, sneezing, eye streaming self into the office.
I also comfort ate all day - nothing that is excluded from my diet, but in quantities that made it very undiet friendly all the same. I also drank some whisky to feel better and took some nytol last night both to help me sleep and for its being an antihistamine.
So today I regret eating so much yesterday but because I steered clear of gluten and sugar I don't feel bloated, which is something. I am in the office, and thanks to the antihistamines and lower pollen count so far I feel like I just have hayfever (yesterday I was wondering whether it was a cold teetering on the edge of becoming pneumonia - but I'm a well-known hypochondriac)
Hopefully today will be a better day...
ETA forgot to mention that all the eye watering is also making my right eye ache like hell....

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