Friday, February 1, 2013

Hair Diary || 5-Year Nappiversary!

I big chopped exactly five years ago today after a ten-month transition.  I will never regret going natural because my hair has never been healthier or longer.  Here are photos of my hair from these past couple of weeks.

Stay tuned for my wash-n-go conclusion in an upcoming post ...

Jan/Feb 2013: Wash-n-go with TONS of gel for hang (on left).  Flat ironed then braided (on right).

Jan 2013: Wash-n-go followed by gel galore.
Feb 1, 2013: Braided for a braid-out.  2013 is about having fun with my length!

February 2008.  The big chop.  (Shrunken wet fro.)

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