Friday, June 21, 2013

I love Nytol

Almost 8 hours sleep last night - hurray! I felt so much better this morning when I woke up just before 5 having gone to bed early and actually slept straight through the night! I actually did 30 push ups this morning!
Still cutting back on caffeine - today I had only 1 real coffee then switched to decaf coffee and naturally uncaffeineated teas.
You probably guessed I didn't train last night - I just didn't have the energy. Same goes tonight � still playing catchup!

I wanted to walk at lunchtime but the weather looked rubbish though in the end I could have gone for it. Instead I sat in my car and tried to nap - didn't manage it, but came close and managed to feel very relaxed which was nice.

On the less cheerful hand... I miss nuts! I miss nuts! OMG I miss nuts... After his lunch my boss had a snickers and I was actually tempted to do the same - not for the chocolate or caramel, which didn't appeal, but for the peanuts... Which has me picturing myself buying a snickers, melting it in the microwave to soften all the gunk, then rinsing the melted chocolate & caramel off the peanuts... I didn't, but I was considering getting a pack of nuts from the coffee van to satisfy my craving... It could take longer for me to get over the nuts than it did the chocolate... Someone tell me it doesn't matter and I can eat them again, go on, please....???

Food today:
Breakfast: green monster smoothie (except it was more grey-green sludge monster due to summer berries being blended with purple & green lettuce, under-ripe avocado, and a teaspoon of virulently green spirulina powder. Red / purple + green = ugly.) with plain unsweetened whey protein powder
Lunch: soup (roasted cauliflower & leek) and salad (with feta cheese)
Dinner: Turkey mince Bolognese served over leeks & cabbage
Snacks: home-made low carb meatballs

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