Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beck, Day 7: Arrange Your Environment

Day Seven marks the end of the first week of The Beck Diet Solution. I have worked the steps over two weeks, which is a plenty fast pace. Actually, I find that not rushing through Beck is probably better in the long run. Don't skip over a step because you feel like you need to finish something. If it takes you a week to really do Day 7, then it takes you a week. Better that than missing this important step.

So what happens on Day 7? We are given the task of arranging our environment to set us up for success on whatever food plan we choose. At it's most obvious level, that means setting up our homes for success. But Beck recommends extending this thinking to our offices as well.

I have written about this subject a few times here on HGK. Most notably, in my series Top Ten Tips for Plant-strong Success. THAT IS HOW IMPORTANT I THINK THIS STEP IS. I did it and I have never looked back, not regretted it for a moment. Why? Because I personally cannot resist food that is not on my plan when I am tired and stressed out (which is about every day at 9 pm). It's that simple.

You probably don't read this blog because you don't have an issue with food (unless you are a relative or dear friend of mine, and I do want to thank those of you who read this for that reason). And if you (a) have a food issue and (b) want to lose weight than you really need to take this seriously.

Are you feeling resistance to throwing out "food" that is not on your plan? Worried about the "food" being wasted? Is it possible that those "foods" are better off as garbage in a dump than as garbage in your body? How much do you want to take care of yourself?
And why do I keep putting quotations around the word food? Because the stuff that you will be throwing out really doesn't quality as food, ie something nourishing to your body. You are going to be tossing out garbage for your body. Stuff your body never wanted or needed to begin with. It hardly qualifies as food.

Are you worried about the other people you live with? Will they be angry? Do you have the courage to take a stand on this for the health of everyone in your family? Is it possible that if you sat down with your family members you could make a creative plan that makes everyone happy?

Beck suggests throwing all of the garbage away, but also mentions that keeping family members non-plan food hidden from view is a second-best measure. Perhaps the garage? The basement?

Worried about letting other people know that you want to lose weight, when they have already seen you try and fail at so many other diets? I know the embarrassment, believe me. Been there, done that! You will not believe how liberating it is to just put this all out there and find that no one is judging you for that. You real friends just want you to be happy.

And what about all of that office junk food? Are you able to resist it? If not, consider some creative solutions that Beck mentions in this chapter like asking your coworkers to keep the treats in a cabinet away from view with a note on the table about what and where the treats are. Hey, it sounds a little extreme, but we must take care of ourselves. No one else is going to take care of us. No one else is going to pay for the statins and the diabetes medication for you, and if you are not on them already, I can tell you that they cost a pretty penny.

So, please, I want to hear your thoughts on this.

Have you already gotten rid of all of the junk in your house?

Are you resisting this step? Why? What thoughts are you having?

If you have done this, please share how it has affected you.

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