Friday, January 25, 2013

Planning Now for our Plant-strong Superbowl Party 2013

Two years ago I hosted a Plant-strong Superbowl Party at my house. If you've been reading HGK for two years and you remember that party, thank you!

Our Plant-strong Superbowl Party was a big success and I had a lot of fun blogging before and after the party about the delicious potential in that day. Last year we were invited to our neighbor's home, and while it was a lovely event (Lynn is the best home cook ever and she just started culinary school this year), I really missed doing it myself and making it as close to Plant-perfect as I could make it.

Superbowl Sunday is kind of like Thanksgiving to me, I figure that if you cook enough years in a row for the holiday," over time one can really refine the menu into something that everyone enjoys and looks forward to. Doing it one year and not the next was kind of a buzz kill for me. I realize that most people would be, like, "Phew! Thank heavens that's off my plate!" But not me . . .

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