Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Need a Kick in the Pants. Hello Beck Diet Solution!

I started blogging a year and a half ago for one reason and one reason only. To keep the weight off that I had lost. I figured that it would be mortifying to gain the weight back if I was public about being healthy AND that the constant having to think about and write about food and health would keep me on the straight and narrow.

Has it worked? Yes, mostly. But not entirely. I don't know any of the stats because I too darned scared to get on a scale, but I'm pretty sure that "the weight" is creeping back on. My clothes feel a little tight. My stomach sticks out a little further.

It's time to get a grip.

This Plant-strong food tastes too darned great! All of the people who are eating fast food and thinking they could never give it up, well they have no idea how delicious a plant-based diet can be if you just give it a chance. And when food tastes this good, I find it hard not to overindulge.

Not only that, I'm giving myself too many allowances. Allowances for goodies on special occasions. Allowances for too many plant-indulgent dinners when what I should really be eating is low calorie soup and salad--without the nuts.

So thank you blogging world. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to catch myself before it's too late. I am at your mercy. I have to once again focus my energy on what I know works:
1. The Beck Diet Solution
2. Eat to Live
I can do this! I am a warrior.

I have already reread the introductory chapters and it is amazing to me how I am falling out of practice with the plan. I'm having a ton of sabotaging thoughts like, "I know I shouldn't eat this, but it's okay because . . . it's a celebration . . . I'm tired . . . I'm hoping the calories really won't count because I eat so many vegetables."

Really, Wendy? Come on! Do you know what that is? DENIAL. And I'm starting to regress into it again. Thank The Lord I know how to fix it.

I hope you are interested, and that you will enjoy reading all about it here, every day for the next however many days it takes me to complete another round of The Beck Diet Solution. Beck is not a book about food. It is a book about retraining your brain to think like that of a thin person. One who doesn't struggle with food choices and endlessly gain and lose weight. The kind of thinking that I know is required to maintain a healthy weight. You can check out what people say about this program by clicking on the Amazon link above and reading the reviews of the book.

Of course I'll still be posting lots of food ideas sandwiched in with posts about working the Beck program.

What are you struggling with?

Any body interested in doing The Beck Diet Solution with me?? Or reading about the steps as I work them?

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